Thursday, 23 July 2015

This Girl Can. This Girl Did. This Girl Is.

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Whenever the Skip button pops up on Youtube, I press it straight away. I very rarely watch advert's on the television thanks to Sky+. Their time consuming, and unless it's Christmas, boring and repetitive. But a strange thing happened ago. I carried on watching an advert even though I had the opportunity to press skip. 

The advert in question is the "This Girl Can" campaign. A campaign dedicated to encouraging women to incorporate exercise in their lifestyle, and have fun doing it. But this isn't your usual go to the gym, do 100 sit ups, be fit campaign. The main goal is to let women know you can still go swimming if you have bingo wings, or play netball if you're over a certain age. It's empowering, inclusive and promoting self-confidence.

After watching the advert for a second time, I was so motivated I decided to do something to. These weren't women in a fitness fashion photo shoot with "sweat" placed on them ever so perfectly. These were women who were sweaty, shaking and smiling. Oh and kicking ass. I knew which group I wanted to be part of. 

So after deciding not to play hockey for the last two years because of low self-confidence, I went dusted off my stick bag, rinsed out my mouth guard and slipped on some shin pads. It's "off season" right now in hockey, but I didn't let that stop me. I joined my local Back To Hockey sessions, bringing beginners and returning players back to hockey in a fun environment with no pressure. After the first session I thought I was going to die. I was out of breathe, sweaty, and hot. I also had a smile from ear to ear and a positive mood which lasted all week. I made friends and even got asked to play in a friendly club match. 

Sunday was our last session and I'm more gutted that even I would have guessed. Over a month on though and that same advert hasn't become any less motivating. Instead of putting my feet up and saying I've done my bit, I'm going to work on my fitness and join the main hockey club in September. I say, I want to work on my fitness, that's for me. I want to play the best I can. September can't come quick enough.

Moral of the story? Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you smile. Don't put barriers up.

Any tips to help me boost my fitness?

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  1. "Moral of the story? Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you smile. Don't put barriers up." Brilliant! I definitely agree with this! I wish you best of luck with hockey! I am sure you will be amazing! :) Such an inspirational story!


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