Smart Shopping in Duty Free

I love Duty Free Shopping. Not as much as actually going away somewhere, but it’s definitely up there on my most loved things. If you even need any proof of my dedication to the cause, have a gander at my epic Crete Duty Free Haul. It was the stuff of dreams. Why do I love Duty Free so much, I hear you ask. Well, readers, it’s the same reason I love any sale; I love a bargain. If you can save money on something that you’ve lusted after, why wouldn’t you snap it up?!

However, not everything post-security is paved in gold and some things are just not worth the hassle. Luckily I’m here to help you grab a bargain this summer:

  1. Know your limits and stick to it. This is the biggest rule of saving money in duty free. Find out what you allowance is, and stay in it. The allowance is per person, so if your in a group, and someone isn’t shopping, wahey, use their allowance too. But, if you’re solo, stick to this rule or you could face a hefty duty charge once you arrive back home. One way to do this is withdraw your limit in cash and only pay in cash. It’s easy to get carried away and you have less control if you pay by card.
  2. Decide on what you want And here’s the crucial bit; decide what you want to pick up before you get to the airport. I’m by no means saying carve you wish list in stone, but having an idea of the items you want to grab before you’re faced with a wall of shinny new things at reduced prices will help keep you focused. And in your allowance. If you like to stock up on fragrance like me, take a trip down to your local counter, or if you want to snap up a couple new lipsticks, go and swatch.
  3. Check the price is right and I hate to say it, the total is in budget. Make sure you check which Duty Free store is in your terminal, then have a look at their website, along with the Duty Free catalogue on board with your Airline. I’d also recommend checking what the prices are like in your destination. Although not Duty Free, depending on the exchange rate, you could get a better deal. One thing I would recommend is wherever you are, shop in that currency. So if your in Duty Free in Spain on your way home, shop in Euros, otherwise you will be charged more for the conversation.
  4. Budget for impulse buys because it’s most likely going to happen. In Crete I ended up buying a Dior Fragrance set that was not planned for. If I was travelling solo, I would have gone over my allowance. Damn you travel exclusives.
  5. Use the pick-up service to save you carrying your products around on holiday if you plan on picking up a lot. Some airports even offer a delivery service, letting you come home to your haul after you’ve arrived safe and sound at home

What’s on your list to pick up on your next trip?