Feeding My Favourite Animal

A couple weeks ago I had one of the best days of 2015. We drove from Manchester to just outside Sheffield, to a small village in the Peak District. The journey was absolutely beautiful, but I am so glad I wasn’t driving on the Snake Pass. The corners on the narrow roads made me nervous and on the journey back we saw an air ambulance called for an accident. Thankfully we arrived safely and it was safe to say I was more than a little bit excited. A little know fact about me, my favourite animal is an Alpaca, and we had just arrived at Mayfield Alpaca Farm. Yes I was the child who said Alpaca when all the other children said Lion.




I have never seen so many Alpacas altogether. All shades and sizes were there; I was definitely in the right place. Most of them had had their wool sheered, but there were the odd one or two that had their full fleece. For 50p you got a big bag of food which you could place in your had and feed them. Whilst I was initially a little nervous, (I once had a bad incident with a sheep)¬†they were the most gentle animals, with the only feeling being the whiskers on their chin ticking your palm. If that wasn’t enough for me to get my Alpaca fix, they had lively young Alpaca’s running around, chasing each other in the filed. I think the mother was the one with the full fleece as it followed the up and down and was quite protective whenever someone wandered close to the fence. Further down though their was an even younger Alpaca which is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen,




It isn’t all about Alpaca’s at Mayfield, you have your usually farm yard animals. The goats were very jealous of everyone feeding the Alpaca’s, and I did feel sorry for them. But look at their eyes! Their like snakes. We said hello to Matilda the pig, although she was fast asleep in her hut but a little Shetland Pony stole my heart. I have no idea what he’s called but I named him Fredrick. He didn’t dance though, so #DancePonyDance was clearly all one big lie.

Being so close to so many of my favourite animals made me so happy. What’s your favourite animal?


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