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Charlotte Olympia 

Charlotte Olympia Cheyenne Flat Sandals
Cheyenne Sandals – £411.08

I couldn’t resist showing you these super beautiful creations from the creative genius that is Charlotte Olympia. Wrapped in a Jo Malone-esqe box complete with a bow, I was a very very happy girl when the Post Man delivered these beauties to my door.

 I will be the first to admit that I’m much more of a bag person than a shoe lover, and in fact these are my first pair of high end shoes. I injured my right ankle pretty badly play hockey in my first year of University, and whilst I’m now recovered, it’s never going to be 100%. It was so painful for a long time and I’m now, understandably, cautious when it comes to things that could potentially cause me to go over on it. Whilst I wasn’t the most confident heel-wearer before, I’m definitely not now.

So I’m investing in beautiful flats, wedges and low heels to make up for it. And these Charlotte Olympia sandals will begin my collection. The flat’s are gold-tone and black nappa leather with a single buckle, but double ankle strap. The ankle strap is actually one of my favourite bits. It’s one buckle, but the leather wraps round your ankle twice. Maybe it’s because I’ve been to Crete recently but there’s something about these that remind me of Ancient Greece. Super famine and so versatile, I can’t wait to wear these and be comfortable and stylish.

Are you heels or flats?