Ultrasun Sports SPF 30

Ultrasun Sports SPF 30
Sun cream – £26

I’m 22 and I hate applying sun cream. There I said it. I feel like it’s acceptable to say it if you’re a child, but no so much if you’re old enough to know the risks of staying in the sun unprotected. I just find it a chore and a bit like using body mosituriser; it’s time consuming and I’d rather be doing something else. Saying this, I fall into the category that needs sun cream more than the normal person. I’m basically Casper’s cousin (the ghost, not the youtuber), thanks to my Dad’s lovely Irish heritage. Thanks Dad. I very rarely tan (I say rarely because for the first time in my life I got a tan in Crete), and when I do, I look like a normal, living, person. What I lack for in tan, I make up in freckles, which are apparently in at the moment so minor victory there.

I’m off on a road trip around California in September so decided to use Crete as a way to put some sun cream to the test. Once a day sun cream has recently flooded the market, and it definitely appeals to me. If I know I only have to apply something once, I will happily pay more for it. Having a mooching round Feel Unique, I decided on Ultrasun’s Sport High SPF 30 Clear Spray Formula because of it’s glowing reviews from other paleys. I also chose my normal SPF 30 as this was being used purely for my body and I’ve never burn’t with that level of SPF before, even in Florida. Happily I jetted off set for a week of fun in the sun.

I would first off like to praise the packaging. A small point, but the push dispenser makes it so easy to control the product, stopping it going everywhere and wasting half the bottle. It’s the little things in life. The product itself is transparent from the get go and quite runny. That didn’t bother me at all, as it mean’t it was very lightweight and not at all greasy on my skin. In fact, it only took around 5-10 minutes for it to sink in all together. I was also impressed that it didn’t stain any clothes. Reading some reviews, some people found their clothes to turn a little yellow around the edges where they had applied the cream, but thankfully this didn’t happen to me.

Before reading the product review, remember I went to Crete in the middle of May, when it was an average of 25-29 Celsius. 

One thing I was particularly attracted to was that this version is water-resistant and designed for outdoor activities and water sports. I my mind, I took that to mean would withstand a quick dip in the pool and dare I say it, sweat. But I burnt. After 4 hours of wearing the cream I burnt my forearm. I would like to point out as well that I wasn’t sat in the sun for hour on end either. I make a point of spending 2 hours outside, 1 hour inside to give my fair skin a breather, and I still managed to look like a lobster. The next day I didn’t go in the pool to see if that effected the sun cream and made a point of covering myself in sun cream from head to toe. My opposite forearm burn’t (why always the forearms?!)

Clearly it wasn’t down to going for a dip. It can’t be down to the SPF either. I always wear SPF 50 on my face, and SPF 30 on my body and very rarely burn. In fact, the only time I have had a little bit of sun burn was when I was younger and used to avoid putting sun cream on like the plague. That only leaves it down to how effective the sun cream is, and unfortunately, I didn’t think it was all that. Although I only burnt a tiny bit, that was more due to me being obsessive over checking I’m ok. Whilst I’d happily pray the premium price for a once a day cream if it works, no expense is worth getting burnt for. 

Guess I’m now on the search for a new cream for California. Any suggestions?