St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower

St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower
St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower (*) – £14.50

If I could saint St. Tropez again, I would. Every brand has one product that doesn’t suit you quite so much but I’m still waiting to find that with St. Tropez. If it works for the icon that is Kate Moss, it’s going to always be present in my bathroom. I’m super fortunate enough to have been chosen to be on the St. Tropez Beauty Panel so got a sneaky preview of this hugely hyped new gradual tan without having to join a waiting list and before it even hit the shelves. 

As soon as I heard the key to this product I was excited. If someone tells me I can’t do something, a little part of me wants to do it. With most tanning products, one of the biggest golden rules (hehe) is not to shower for a certain period of time. Inevitably, with the associated smell, you just want to feel fresh. In step St. Tropez with their new wonder. Have a shower. Step out and apply your tan. Wait 3 minutes. Rinse and become bronzed. There is a slight downside in the fact you have to stay starkers after a nice warm shower, for at least 3 minutes whilst the product works, which in Summer is fine, but in Winter, not so much. But alas this is the price of beauty, and as long as the heating’s on, you’re fine and dandy. Once your 3 minutes is done, simply wash your body with only fresh water and go about your normal routine minus any body moisturiser. Don’t worry though, this tan won’t dry your skin out.

As I’ve mentioned, fellow tan veterans will agree that the tell-tale scent of fake tan is one that can make or brake a product. Whilst this tan does have your usual warming scent, you’re going to wash the off after 3 minutes, and removing any trace along with it. Shade wise, it’s a gradual tanner, and a subtle one at that. I think this is more gradual than the original Gradual Tanning Mousse so if you’re in a rush to be golden, maybe using the Mousse would be a better option. However, if on the other hand you’re of a fairer skin tone like myself, want a very subtle hint of colour so you can ditch the tights or simply live in fear of being orange, this is you’re new best friend. By building up your colour at a slower rate than other tanners, you can easily stop at your desired shade. I’ve often made the mistake of apply an extra layer, only then to regret it when it’s gone too dark. There’s no chance of that with this tan. If you somehow manage to have a mistake, it will be so subtle, you won’t be able to tell. I’m now using this once every couple of days to cling onto my Greek tan. 

Whilst this tan is a bit of novelty, there’s a definite place for it in the market. What do you think?