Poolproof Your Hair

Philip Kingsley Swimcap
Philip Kingsley Swimcap – £22

If there is one man that is trusted with the nation’s locks, Philip Kingsley would be that man. His cult-product, Elasticzer, has earned a place in bathrooms across the world, reviving damaged hair. Although I’ve never dyed my hair and I pride myself on it’s health, the thought of spending a week drenching it in chlorine fills me with dread. Thankfully, Philip Kingsley had my back.

Developed at the special request of the US Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team, Swimcap is the one hair product you cannot be without come Summer. Deeply conditioning hair as you wear it, it protects your hair against the triple threats. Sea, or pool, no matter which one you choose, you will have to suffer with the drying and damaging consequences to your hair. Unless you use Swimcap that is. Coloured hair? Feel free to splash as much as you want as discoloration from chlorinated water is also covered. If that wasn’t enough, the cream also contains UV protection so even when your beside the water, hair breakage and colour fading because of the sun will be a thing of the past. 

As I said. I don’t have coloured hair, but my mum does. Both of us put Swimcap through it’s paces in Crete, and the verdict was unanimous. Buy it. Although you can use it on dry or wet hair, we found dampening your hair slightly under the shower helped applying it a lot easier. Once on, apply it like another product, evenly in sections, combing it through. Re-apply throughout the day and when you’ve done having fun in the sun (I couldn’t help myself), simply rinse with your normal shampoo & conditioner. I have thick hair, and often find additional products make my hair very greasy. Luckily this wasn’t the case and it was super soft. My mum on the other hand, has quite fine hair and conditioning products weigh her hair down. Again, after see rinsed it out she said it felt like she’d just had a salon treatment. Both of us have short hair, but those of you with long locks will be please to know that it acted as a detangler too, and even after the lovely combination of salt water and sand, no tears were shed. 

Guess we’ve finally found something w agree on.

How do you protect your hair when the weather heats up?