Chania Sephora Haul

If my Duty Free Haul has left you wanting more, fear not. I did more shopping whilst in Crete. Whilst exploring the beautiful city of Chania, I discovered a small Sephora store tucked aware of the main street. Living in England, I’ve only ever ordered from Sephora online, and never seen the actual store so to say I was excited was an under statement. I had no idea that there was a Sephora in Chania so was a little over whelmed with where to look at and what to pick up. In the end I decided to stick to a few things I’d been wanting for a while, promising myself I’d do so more research into products before I go to the States in September.

The first thing on my list was the Sephora sheet masks. Thankfully they had two sets with the different types as I had no idea which one to choose. I also picked up the Triple Action Cleansing Water which has been raved about on Youtube. Completely stuck for choice shade wise, I decide to test out the Sephora Rouge Infusion in Plum. The Ultimate oil-in-gel lipstick remover was a complete impluse buy, but not one I’ve regretted as I’ve never seen anything like it. Before heading to the counter I walked past the bareMinerals counter. I’ve been meaning to try the brand for the longest time and love the sound of their Pure Brightening Serum Foundation. Instinctively I picked up the foundation in Bare Shell along with the Perfecting Face Brush. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have any of the Sephora sheet eye masks in or any Formula X nail polish but they can wait for my USA haul.

One thing I do love at Sephora is the samples. Whilst I’m not naive enough to understand their marketing techniques, it is nice to try out some other products without having any commitment. The lovely sales assistant put two sachet’s of Sephora’s Mud Mask in my bag along with a tube of Bumble and Bumble’s All-style Blow Dry! 

That’s going to be the last haul from me until my birthday in July. In the meantime, I need recommendations for products to pick up State side. I’m trying to limit myself to ones that are a lot easier to or only available in USA. Any suggestions would be amazing!