Joma Jewellery

Bracelet (*) – £12.50

The Joma ‘A little’ collection is my new go-to for all gifts. From baby showers and weddings to birthdays, exams and pick-me-ups, there is something to suit every occasion that you need to buy a gift for. 

I was first introduced to the brand by my mum, who bought me this lovely little bracelet when I started my new job. It was all wrapped up in a cute white bag, with a white ribbon which added the finishing touch. I absolutely love the cute little quotes on the cards that come with the jewellery. It might be slightly Pinterest but there’s nothing better than receiving a little gesture with a few kind words thrown in. As for the bracelet, well it’s beautiful. The Dreamcatcher is an elasticated sweetie style bracelet with a small dreamcatcher charm. It’s very subtle and super-lightweight but makes me smile every time I wear it. As I said in the intro, there’s so many options in this range, and not just in terms of occasions. Necklaces and earrings in different styles are also included in the range so their is something to suit all tastes. From a price perspective, these are great for small gestures and once wrapped up, they look a lot more expensive.

What’s your gift go-to?