Facing The Sun

face tanning bronzing pale skin

As a pale girl, getting a tan is a bit of a novelty and like most females, I don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb when I’m on my holiday. Thankfully the beauty world have stepped there game up over recent years, and I can feel right at home with all the sun worshipers. 

The first thing I’ve been using is the new St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Face Oil (*). You might remember my rave review from last year about the St. Tropez Luxe Oil (*), which is designed for your body so it’s no suprise that this is equally as good. I find most facial tanners are quite heavy on your skin and cause more problems than tanning solutions. This one is super lightweight and moisturising, feeling very similar to a normal facial oil. I was so suprised that it didn’t feel greasy on my skin and it glided over my pores and dry patches instead of clinging to them. The tan it gives is initally a sublte sunkissed low and can easily be built up to your preference. 

Make up wise, I swear by two products to create a bronzed illusion. You can use the Bourjois Bronzing Primer for a couple of things. If you have a darker skin tone than me, you can use it as a bronzing primer. Perfect if your done your fake tan on your body slightly too dark. However, if your quite pale, you may be best using this as a cream contour. Slightly darker than my usual contour, the mousse consistency makes it easy to create perfect cheek bones, and blends smoothly. Oh, and the chocolate scent, well it makes it a dream to use. I’ve been teaming this contour with The Balm’s Betty-Lou Manizer. A soft golden highlighter, it catches the light perfectly, making you look like you’ve spent the entire day on the beach. The powder is super silky and rather than glitter particles, the shimmer is extremely subtle, giving a very natural, luminizing finish.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favorite bronzing products?