What do Thunderstorms & Baby Powder smell like?

Baby Powder & Thunderstorm Fragrance
Fragrances (*) – £15 each (full size)

Way back in December I introduced you to The Library of Fragrance and their Marshmallow scent. Well today I have two more of their amazing fragrances for you to see.

Baby Powder
Library of Fragrance’s global second best-selling scent, Baby Powder is inspired by the infamous product from Johnson & Johnson. As would be expected, the scent is powdery and leans slightly on the sweet side of the scale. Of course the smell of talc is comforting and instantly makes me happy. Whenever I wear this I feel really relaxed and calm, and the Library of Fragrance have proved this down to more than just coincidence. Research shows that the part of the brain that processes scent is also the same that manages emotion and memories. Whilst I can’t remember being a baby, something about the scent is incredibly soothing and re-assuring.


As the name suggests, Thunderstorm is meant to smell like the scent that occurs just before a thunderstorm is about to hit.  Its very light and fresh in nature and, for me, it’s spring in a bottle. I always think thunderstorms heighten the scent of grass and flowers, and when I wear this I feel like Library of Fragrance have managed to blend these together whilst somehow managing to inject some freshness into it. This is a suits everyone, all ages and any gender kind of scent that it’s perfect for this time of year.

Have you tried any of the Library of Fragrance? If not, I’d strongly recommend you give them a go!