Monday, 16 March 2015

Pink Lady

Pink Nail Varnish Polish Lacquer Swatches

I make no excuses for the fact I'm a girly girl. Ever since I was little I've preferred dresses over jeans and that hasn't changed. But despite pink being my favorite colour, I don't seem to wear it very often. With the supposedly nicer weather on it's way, I thought it was time I incorporated more of my favorite shade into my look. I do actually own a couple of pink items of clothing, but I'm certainly not brave enough to wear them regularly at the moment. The easiest way to incorporate colour into your look is through beauty products, and if it's a colour you find a little intimating, nail polish is a good place to start.

I've chosen 5 of my favorite pink nail varnishes, ranging from subtle to barbie. No matter what you taste or confidence in wearing colour, there's a pink for you.

Left - Right
Iconic - Seche
Jelly Bean - Ciate
E334 - Barry M
All Tied Up - Essie
Virgin Orchid - Essie

What's your favorite pink product? I need your suggestions.


  1. Is the E334 Barry M layered over a base colour, or on it's own? Either way it's gorgeous! I love Nails Inc in Shoreditch, but some of the Essie pinks look amazing <3

    1. Hi. No it's on it's own! The first coat is sheer, but after two its a solid colour


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