The Beauty Molecule

Fountain Beauty Molecule Food Supplement

Fountain Beauty Molecule Food Supplement
The Beauty Molecule – £24.99

 It takes a long time to incorporate something into my daily routine. I get bored of things quite easily and I’m always in such a rush, if it’s not at the front of my mind, it’s just not going to get used. I always buy vitamins and supplements with the best intentions, and then a month later their collecting dust. But if said product is in nice packaging, well how can I resist? 😉

Looking more like a high end candle in its cardboard box, Fountain is a food supplement brand, aiming to make you look and feel your best. Containing Resveratrol, the same magic found in red wine and Japanese knotweed, and Water Matrix, to make the Resveratrol soluable, the Beauty Molecule aims to make you bright eyed and bushy tailed. I’m not scientist, but after a little digging around the internet, it seems resveratrol is relatively new, but studies have been extremely positive and the benefits include helping to tackle symptoms of unhealthy lifestyles. In order to benefit from the supplement, simply take one teaspoon daily, either on its own or mixed into a drink, just not dairy. Easy right?!

My Experience

The supplement itself looks just like pomegranate juice, and is in fact pomegranate flavor. If taste puts you off things, I’m afraid to say this product is a bit of a mixed bag. I have only ever tried the supplement on its own so I can’t say if the taste varies when mixed with another drink. The pomegranate comes through pleasantly strong initially, however there is a sort of medicinal aftertaste, which is reminiscent of cough medicine, so best have something ready to wash it down. 

Does it work? I’m naturally quite skeptical, but I must admit I have seen a difference. Before taking this I was pretty run down but since taking this once a day I’ve had endless comments, all stating I seem to be glowing. It’s very hard to describe, but it’s almost like I’ve had mild airbrushing on small things that have bugged me. My hair seems to be behaving even though I’ve not tried anything new, my nails seem to be growing stronger despite no treatment being applied. I’ve still experience breakouts, but they too seem to have come and gone faster than normal. My skin has regained some luminosity and seems a lot more vibrant rather than looking tired and  It’s not just physical changes too. I feel a lot more  energetic, alert and generally on the ball. It seem’s I’ve gained a sparkle

Although it’s recommended that you use the product within 2 months of opening, I would say you have at least 3 month’s worth of product in a bottle so whilst it is quite expensive, you do get value for money.

Overall I would recommend this product. Like most things of this nature, results are probably dependent on the individual, but looking at other reviews on the Boots website, the vast majority of people have seen the benefit. Whilst the taste is something that will be hit or miss, it is only one teaspoon a day.

Have you tried any Fountain Supplements? Would You?