Lush Lonely Heart

Lush valentines day lonely heart bubble bar
Bubble Bar – £3.50

I would say Lush is my guilty pleasure, but that would imply I’m in some way trying to hide my love. Just in case any of you have the slightest ounce of doubt, I love Lush. Being able to take an hour out of the madness and just indulge in a warm bath that smells amazing is sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane. It’s the little things after all. It’s no surprise then that when their are limited edition collections, I nab a few bits. And if you buy something new, but don’t mention it on your blog, did you really buy something? 😉

The item from the Valentines Collection I thought I’d share with you today is this amazing iridescent heart-shaped bubble bar. Orange based and covered in gold glitter, this product is aptly called Lonely Heart. If like me you’re single, don’t worry, this bubble bar will more than fill that space. As with all bubble bars, simply break a bit off (I used half) and watch as you bathroom fills with the sweetest scent. Think peach water with just the right amount of bubbles. The bubble bar has notes of lemongrass, ylang ylang, bergamont and jasmine, which creates the most uplifting and comforting secent, perfect for a relaxing night, and particularly good if you want to escape the scent of Valentines roses. I will warn you that the gold glitter does transfer one touch, so you may will end up with sparkly hands whilst crumbling the bar. Don’t worry about your bath though, the glitter doesn’t stick and it took me less than a minute to rinse the glitter away.

Overall I would recommend this for anyone who wants to enjoy a Valentines treat but doesn’t want something pink, red or smelling of roses. It’s an ideal alternative which has exactly the same effect. Oh and at £3.50, it’s not too pricey either!

Have you snapped any Lush Valentines products up?