What I got for Christmas

Oh yes. It’s finally my time to share with you all the lovely things I was fortunate enough to be gifted during the festive period. I was amazingly lucky enough to receive an iPad Air from my parents along with a keyboard case (which actually has icing sugar on it in the photo from Christmas baking … oops).  I’ve been looking at the, forever but never got round to picking one up. In the end, my parents surprised me and said I could now stay in touch with the real world whilst off on my adventures next year. It definitely came in handy for looking at the sales, but that is for a different post 😉

Aside from my iPad my parents picked up a couple of extremely thoughtful gifts. They got some fairy lights, a fake light up candle and a mirrored bird cage for my room when it’s eventually decorated this year. They also managed to find the book of my all-time favorite cartoon Mimi, which where they found I have no idea as I didn’t even know they did a book! On top of this the girls at work got my some lovely beauty products, stocking my already-over flowing supply.

What did you get this Christmas?