ESPA Essential Protective Serum

ESPA Essential Protective Serum Review
Serum (*) – £25

You can wear a hat to protect your head from the weather, sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and gloves to keep your hand warm, but what about your skin? Apart from the usual answer of SPF, one of the best ways you can build a barrier against the elements is through effective skincare. Unfortunately, I find finding the perfect winter serum to be a bit of challenge. Anything too rich and my skin just feels overloaded.

Lucky for me, and you, I found this skincare superstar! ESPA’s Essential Protective Serum is an rich hydrating serum which protects against the elements. Rich in antioxidants, it will prevent damage from environmental aggressors whilst giving you a much needed moisture boost. Suitable for all skin types, it’s perfect for stepping out into harsh winter winds, and back inside to central heating. I apply a pea size amount in the morning following cleansing and before mositurising and feel like it creates a barrier between my skin and the elements. Although very rich, the serum is incredibly lightweight and sinks into your skin fast without leaving it greasy. I really struggle with dry patches, particularly on my nose, but this serum helps massively. I’ve found that I’ve not got battled with my skin as much when the central heating’s been turned on, and it is nowhere near as temperamental or sensitive as it usual is this time of year. I’ve finally found the missing link and my new winter weather must-have!

What’s your winter beauty must-have?