Colouring My Stress Away

Those of you who have read my blog for a while may remember back in August a series called Anxiety August (click here if you missed it). When I shared my story with you, I mentioned that I had attended Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help me manage my anxiety better and that it was working really well. Whilst at therapy I learnt how to practice mindfulness and how it’s important to learn to stop thinking and just notice things when you feel your most vulnerable. I’m happy to say it has worked wonders. I have had a few panic attacks but going from multiple times a day to maybe once a month is a big leap. I’ve now completed my CBT sessions and practice the techniques I learnt religiously. Even so, I think it’s good to always look for new techniques or methods that I can use to help me. 

Something I’ve only recently started doing is colouring. Not just for children, I picked up Colour Yourself Calm, Colour Yourself Happy and Colour Me Calm, which combine CBT techniques with art therapy. Taking 10 minutes out of my hectic routine to spend and practice mindfulness through colouring in is helping to bring clarity and stop me worrying so much. See that’s the thing with mindfullness, if you don’t practice it you struggle to rely on it when you really need it so anything that helps me practice is great. No artistic ability is needed and you are free to do whatever you want with the templates, each simply promotes you to be mindful of whats around you. The idea is that once you can create a sense of clarity from mindfulness, next time you feel anxious, you simply think of the same things and your clarity will eventually return. It takes practice to achieve, but it works. I’d strongly recommend these for anyone suffering from anxiety or stress, there perfect for encouraging you to practice CBT techniques.

Do you practice mindfulness?