Well it’s a brand new year and a time when most people reflect on last year and make resolutions for the next. Last year I talked about if there was any point in making New Year’s resolutions (click here if you missed it) and this year I don’t really think I’m making any at all, well, except to live.

I think sometimes I put myself under so much pressure that I forget just to have fun and experience things for what they are. This year I’m going to just live and enjoy opportunities as they arise rather than finalise every second or tiny detail. I’m going to try and be more spontaneous, but of course I couldn’t resist planning things; I’m such an organiser. By the looks of this lovely list, this year is going to be a busy year:

  1. Family holiday to Crete
  2. My 23rd Birthday
  3. Decorating the entire house
  4. Attending the hockey EuroChampionship Women’s Final 2015 in London
  5. Travelling around California, Nevada and Colorado with Trek America

Have you made any plans for this year already?