The Library of Fragrance: Marshmallow

The Library of Fragrance Marshmallow Perfume
Fragrance(*) – £15.99

When I heard about the Library of Fragrance I was instantly intrigued. Whilst there isn’t a day that I don’t wear perfume, I can’t say I’ve ever come across a brand which includes scents such as Grass, Sunshine and Gin & Tonic in its collection. One of the latest imports from over the pond, The Library of Fragrance includes unisex scents inspired by everyday life which are both recognisable and wearable. By isolating individual scents such as that of a Thunderstorm or Baby Powder, each fragrance enables you to truly appreciate the scents that surround us. Each singluar scent can be worn alone as a familiar fragrance or layered with other scents from the Library to create a more complex, personalised fragrance. The options and combinations are completely personal, and can help you create a bespoke scent!

I was extremely fortunate to get to try marshmallow and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The bottle is simple and clean in design, letting the fragrance be the true attraction. For me, marshmallows remind of cosy autumn nights at home with a big mug of hot chocolate. It’s a sweet and comforting scent which instantly makes me happy. Despite being a fan of sweet scents, I was a little nervous about trying Marshmallow out in case it was too sickly. I love marshmallows as much as the next person, but being surrounded by the scent all day may be a little too much. When I spritzed it though, I fell in love. The fragrance is exactly like Marshamllows, as sugary and light as if you had a jar of Fluff in front of you. Specific enough to make you smile, but subtle enough not to make you feel sickly sweet, it strikes the perfect balance. Constantly catching myself smelling my pulse points, it managed to lift my mood up even if it was pitch black and freezing outside. It’s completely different to anything else on the high street at the moment and  I think may have just found something new to collect …

The Library of Fragrance is currently included in a special offer at Boots where you can get 2 selected fragrances for £25!

If you could make any one scent into a fragrance, what would it be?