Shrek: The Musical

On Saturday night I dragged myself away from the fire and went into town with the family to see Shrek: The Musical at the Palace Theatre in Manchester. As a massive fan of the films, when I heard the musical was coming to Manchester I knew I had to go and see it despite the extortionate ticket prices. It certainly didn’t disappoint.

Both theare lovers and film fans alike with enjoy this family friendly musical. Sticking exceptionally close to the first Shrek film some of the most iconic lines are included in the script, but are accompanied by original songs to really bring the story to life. The humour is just perfect, with jokes that everyone will find amusing. I was completely impressed by how they have adapted the film to the stage and nothing has been lost, not even the rickety bridge to the castle! All the costumes were amazing and I can only imagine how long it took to be made up as Shrek, but the true star of the show for me was a little unexpected. Every time Lord Farquaad was on stage, the audience burst into laughter, myself included. The poor actor who plays him is on his knees for nearly the entire performance! There is one very small plot twist which isn’t in the film which helps tie everything together but die hard fans wouldn’t be upset. It fit’s in perfectly, so much so it makes you wonder why it wasn’t present in the actual film!

If you enjoyed the film and have the chance to go, I’d definitely recommend you grab a ticket.

Have you seen any shows lately?