Black Friday Haul

Beats Studio Headphones

Sony Alpha 5100

GHD Air Hairdryer

Foreo Luna

Indeed Labs

Watching the evening news on Black Friday made me thankful I stayed at home. Over from America, Black Friday has recently drifted to the UK and people have gone a little bit crazy over it. Anyway, before I go into detail over my rather large haul, I just want to add a very quick disclaimer. I saved up for about 10 months to get bits I’ve wanted and needed. I work full-time and spend my wage how I want. This is by no means a “bragging” post as chances are I won’t be buying much for the foreseeable future. Haul posts are always popular and this one was requested by quite a few people. If your not a fan, here’s your warning to click off.

I have been looking at Beats by Dr Dre headphones since they first came out, but the price tag has always put me off. After umming and ahhing for the longest time I finally decided to buy a pair as I always have my headphones in. I got a pair of the noise-cancelling Beats Studio headphones and I have to say I absolutely adore them. I love that their foldable and come in a case too, great for travelling. 

Next up is my new toy, the Sony Alpha 510. If you follow me on twitter you’ll know that I’ve been looking at new cameras for quite some time. After reading lots of reviews I had settled on the Sony Alpha 500. However, when I went onto Amazon on Black Friday they were offering 50% off the newer model making it the same price as the 500. The only reason I had ignored the 510 is because of it’s price. It was clearly meant to be. To top it off, 32GB memory cards were reduced to £15. I snapped two up because I know I’m going to need that space once I set off on my travels next year.

I have a beauty blogger confession to make. The only hairdryer I’ve ever owned cost £10. It does the job, but only has one setting and leaves my hair less than perfect. I’ve wanted to upgrade for the longest time, and really should have done it sooner but never got round to it. The GHD Air is now my new baby and transforms my hair from drowned rat to big blow dry in under 10 minutes. You can’t argue with that. 

The Foreo Luna also made it’s way into my shopping bag, I’m not sure if it’s normal to say this, but I really enjoy cleansing my skin. Up until now, I’ve never used a cleansing tool alongside a cleanser even though I’ve read plenty of rave reviews about Clarisonic and the like. Anyway my skin’s really been playing up lately and that’s pushed me into finally getting the Foreo Luna. It’s supposed to be a lot more hygienic and less abrasive than a Clarisonic, plus you don’t need to buy any extra heads! I’ll report back about how I get on.

The last few bits were complete impulse buys and not planned at all. Boot’s reduced Indded Lab’s Hydraluron and Retinol Reface by 50%. I am very impressed that I have resisted trying Hydraluron for so long considering the hype around it, but I just had to cave when it was half price. Retional Reface sounds great for making your skin smoother so naturally it just so happened to fall into my basket. Oops. Boot’s also threw in a sample of Liquid Gold!

I know a lot of people were pretty anti-Black Friday after the complete mayhem it caused but without it I would not have been able to afford everything I wanted. 

Did you manage to grab anything?