Monday, 10 November 2014

UK Blog Awards

Blog awards seem to be multiplying by the second. From style to general awards they aim to recognize people who put in the work on their blog. My opinion of them is completely on the fence. I can see how awards may turn into a statistics race and encourage comparison, which let's face it, is a bloggers worst enemy. On the other hand, I think it's great that a bloggers work is celebrated. 

Since starting thecrownwings I've never actually entered any awards because quite frankly, I just didn't have the confidence. Now, sat in my PJ's (my little pony fyi), ill and feeling sorry for myself on a cold dark autumn night, I am announcing I've entered the UK Blog Awards. I still don't have the confidence, but I care a hell of a lot less than before. My inner blogger gremlins are questioning why I'm doing this but . Que cheesy, chiche rom-com music, I'm definitely reminded of that very pinterest quote "What if I fall? Oh darling, what if you fly?" by Erin Hanson. Since I started my recovery from anxiety at Easter and even more so since August when I started to feel in control of it (click here to read my story), I've made a determined effort to grab every single opportunity going. I'm travelling to USA for 12 days next year, on my own. I'm trying new hobbies. I'm doing things without worrying about other peoples opinions. This isn't just a step out of my comfort zone, it's a completely different continent. Maybe this will bring more opportunities for me to say yes to.

I'd be lying more than a politician if I said I wouldn't want to win. Of course I would. However, I don't intend to beg for votes or pester you all constantly. What I will say is that, if you would like to  take 2 seconds to vote for me, and I really hope you would, you can click here. All you need to do is enter your name and e-mail in the form by 1st December. If you do click, I am very very thankful. If you don't, I'm grateful for you to just simply read this. 

What things have you done outside your comfort zone?

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