Post-Student Blues

I’ve always been a student. I went straight from A-Levels to my Law degree, and then from my degree to my LPC.  I’ve never had a break from education. Until now that is, For the first time in my life I’ve not had to spend my free time doing homework or prep work and September didn’t mean brand new stationary.  Up to now I’ve been so busy getting to grips with my new job I’ve had no time to give my former life a thought. However now I’m starting to find my feet, I’ve been inflicted with a condition nobody warned me about; the post-student blues.

Just this week ASOS had a special student discount on, and it made my think about my past life as a student. That’s how I think of it you see, my not so distant past life. Risking sounding cheesey, but my student days seem to go in the blink of an eye, so quick in fact it’s almost as if I went to bed one night worrying about an exam only to wake up the next morning in my own office. The times of being able to decide to go out at 10.30pm on a weekday have long gone, as have all-nighters, the student union, super noodles, snakebite and even worse, fancy dress has becoming limited to the odd birthday and Halloween. No, if I now want to go out it has to be planned well in advanced so as not to conflict with any of my equally grown up friends hectic schedules. Of course there was more to being a student that going out, dancing to 90’s pop music and making new best friends in the loo’s. Nobody warned me I’d actually miss all the first day back excitement, the afternoons spent in bed reading and dare I say it, the lectures! I think those are the two things I miss the most about being a student; time and freedom

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I love my life right now. The reason I’ve been in education for so long is so I can do the job I’m doing now. Because I have a full-time job I can afford to treat myself to the odd high end buy and travel round California next year. However, there was something lovely about having the freedom to give a wrong answer in a tutorial or having the option to have a lie in in the morning and just staying up later to work. As very deep and thoughtful as it sounds, the worlds your oyster when your a student.  You have the ability to grab every opportunity, because you have the time to re-arrange your commitments. Now I work full-time, my evenings seem to be filled with sleepy rituals and my weekends are sacred, crammed to the brim with things I was too busy to do in the week. Everything is planned, because if it’s not organised, chances are it won’t get done, it will conflict with something, somewhere wont be open or have an appointment or I may even be too tired. The idea of being spontaneous has become an urban myth. 

I will hold my hands up and say that I probably actually do have more free time now than when I was a student. I don’t usually bring the office home and I definitely don’t spend all weekend doing prep for the next week. However, what time I do have is regimented and that can take away some of the fun and excitement of it. It can feel like you’re part of a never ending routine and unless something can slot in perfectly, it’s a no go. Whilst it may seem obvious that you life gets more structured, nobody actually prepares you for the transition from student into the real world. Needless to say, it takes a little bit of getting used to.

What do you miss the most about being a student? Or if you are a student, what do you hate the most?


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