OPI Gold & White Gold Top Coats

OPI 18K White Gold Top Coat

 OPI 18K White Gold Top Coat Swatches

 OPI 18K White Gold Top Coat Swatches

OPI 18K Gold Top Coat Swatches
OPI Man With a Golden Gun 18K Gold Top Coat
OPI Mariah Carey Pure 18K White Gold Top Coat

Does anyone else have those occasions where jewelry alone isn’t enough? Where either a statement piece isn’t suitable with your outfit or the occasion or you just fancy something different. When I need to feel my most glamorous I always turn to beauty products to add the finishing touches. Possibly two of the most divaist (word? let’s make it one) are my 18K top coats. Yes you read that right. Gold. For your nails.

Both top coats have pieces of gold suspended in a clear varnish. I’ve swatched both on their own, and then over a Black Barry M varnish. The best technique I’ve found to apply the top coats is to place the brush on your nail and press the shavings on rather than to brush the nail using a sweeping motion. It does mean that it takes a little longer, but at least you have greater control over the placement of your Gold, allowing you to use as little or as much as you want. No matter how long you take though, the effect will be irregular, but I really like the look it creates. Almost like a bling version of the speckled egg look, it’s perfect for the festive season.

The one the left we have Man with a Golden Gun which was released as part of the OPI Skyfall collection, and the one of the right is the White Gold Top Coat, released as part of a Mariah Carey Collection. Apart from the obvious difference between the colour of the Gold shavings, there are a couple of things which seperate the two apart. I find the White Gold top coat is easier to apply with the shavings tending to be larger, however the clear varnish is slightly cloudy compared to the Man With a Gold Gun. Both dry super shiny but slightly textured as you can feel the shavings if you touch your nails. 

Each polish comes in a great presentation box so would make an ideal gift for a nail lover or a glamorous friend. 

What products do you use to give the finishing touch?


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