Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation
Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in Nude (*) – £8.99

The struggle with foundation is real. I should know, I battle with it on a daily basis. Thank’s to my Dad I have the curse of his Irish genes and deceivingly pale skin. Shades can go one of two ways for me, orange or ghostly. Neither look is something I want to achieve. The other problem is down to my skin, it fluctuates from oily to dry over night relegating my foundation choice the day before into the bottomless draws of my IKEA Alex. However, this Summer I stumbled upon this little bottle of amazingness. Yes I did just say amazingness, but this foundation deserves it.

I’m actually rather surprised I took a chance on this foundation in the first place. Foundation without a pump is something I have avoided at all costs and always buy the additional pump. I know how clumsy I am, I do not need to be reminded with suspect stains on everything I own. Well I was right in that prediction, there have my the odd rushed morning when I’ve had to make an unplanned outfit change after I decided to pour the bottle slightly too close to me, slightly too far away from my foundation brush. However, if you are significantly more coordinated than me, and that 99.9% of the World’s population, you will have no problems whatsoever. 

The foundation blends like a dream. It’s towards the start of the medium coverage range, so you will need some concealer if your skin has blemishes. Saying that, this has covered up more angry red spots that I care to tell you. It genuinely does give you your skin but better. It will cover imperfections but allow your natural features (aka freckles) to show through. People don’t think I’m wearing foundation when I have this on, and that is a look I always want. If you have combination skin this will be perfect for you. I find that it adapts to my ever changing skin and doesn’t look shinny on my oily days or patchy if it’s decided to be dry. It’s just a great suits-everyone foundation that will last you all day without slipping.  I urge you to look past the lack of a pump flaw and give this foundation a chance, it deserves a place in your collection.