Made By Me || Jewellery

Confession Alert: I’m a secret crafter. Well, I say I am, I used to be. I used to be really into card making, calligraphy and so on and even did some for a friends wedding. However since I went to University way back in 2010 I just kind of stopped and forgot how much I enjoyed doing it. Whether it was down to being busy with my new life I don’t know, what I do know is that it wasn’t something I made time for anymore.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to start making things again and turned my hand back to my favorite craft of all, jewellery. I forgot how much I love making jewellery, from curling the head pins for earrings to making simple jump ring chains. When I design something then find the right materials and then make it, I get so absorbed and forget about everything else. It’s my little world full of shinny things. It definitely appeals to my magpie tendencies. Although I’m a little rusty now, I can still control my pliers. After this weekend I’ve decided to take jewellery making back up again along with a whole bunch of crafts I forgot I could make. Watch this space …