Face B4 Skincare

Face B4 Cleanser Serum
Face B4 Daily Cleansing Foam (*) – £14.95
Face B4 After Cleansing Serum (*) – £14.95

Spots. Pimples. Zits. Different names but all describe the sane dread. There is nothing worse than on the lead up to a big event, where you know everybody will be snap happy, than waking up with a small mountain on your face. Whilst your camoflaging skills may rival the Army, having a spot or two is enough to knock anyone’s confidence. I’m a big brliver in preventation being better than cure so when I was given the opportunity to try Face B4 skincare, I had to give it ago.

Face B4 is a skincare brand with a difference, aiming to make achieving clear skin simpler. Suitable for all skin types, Face B4 consists of a two step routine to help prevent blemishes. The Daily Cleansing Foam is exceptionally lightweight and not at all drying. A combined Cleanser and Toner, it helps remove all traces of dirt and excess oil from your pores, fighting the bacteria that causes spots. Once the foam has been applied and washed off you can then apply the After a cleansing Serum. Combing the properties of a serum with the benefits of a moisturiser, you only need a pea-sized amount to treat your whole face. It’s i,potent not to apply too much product, otherwise your skin is left a bit greasy and shiny. Similarly I’d recommend using the serum only at night as I find it doesn’t work well with some of my bases.

After only one week of using the duo, I noticed a massive difference in my pore size and amount of blemishes I had. Whilst all my blemishes didn’t disappear overnight, they did reduce in severity and quantity. I loved being able to cut out steps and use the combined products. I will be the first to admit that I sometimes skip skincare regime steps. Sometimes your too tired or pushed for time, other times you simply can’t be bothered. Whatever the reason, using Face B4 ensured I had a consistent routine that fitted into my life. Another thing which appealed to me when using the combined products was that you are using fewer things on your skin. It sounds obvious, but I think sometimes my skin gets a bit overloaded by using different products. Using just two made everything simpler and ultimately, my skin thanked me for it.

What are your top blemish preventing products?