Blog Life Crisis

It’s taken me a month to come to the conclusion. I’ve pondered over the symptoms for hours; lack of engagement, reluctance to log-in, avoidance of checking feeds. It’s all lead me to one thing. I’m having a blog life crisis.

I’m doing everything I should be doing, but for some reason I’m just not happy. I have my dream layout, I’m posting regular and I’m keeping up-to-date with the blogger world but something’s missing. My spark has gone. In a moment of flu-induced pitty I even blurted “what’s the point?”! Before I continue, I would like to clearly state, in bold, that this is not a I’m giving up blogging post. It’s more of I’ve lost my direction and purpose kind of post. For one reason of another I just feel The Crown Wings has become stuck in a rut and I think now’s the time to stop and reflect on how to move forward. 

Never one to mope around for too long (praying my Mum doesn’t read this), I’ve come up with an action plan to get my blogging buzz back. And because I’m an obsessive list maker, I’ve made it into a list.

  1. Read someone of my favorite blogs and make a list (of course) of the reasons I keep coming back for more. Whether it be the selection of posts, the photography, work out what makes me want to scroll down, and then scroll a little bit more.
  2. Apply said list to The Crown Wings. OK, so Rome wasn’t built in a day and change won’t happen over night, but everything needs to start somewhere. I’ve re-jigged my blog plan to include a wider variety of topics and I’m going to work on how they are presented.
  3. Stay true to me. If I don’t want to blog about something or present it in a certain way, I won’t/ If it feel’s like a chore, it’s going to show. Stay original, individual and make the Crown Wings a true reflection of me.
  4. Get more involved in the blogger community and the twitter chats. Talking to other bloggers and hopefully building links will help me feel part of something again.
  5. Have fun. Blogging isn’t my career, it’s a hobby. Hobbies are supposed to be fun and not stressful. I need to stop focusing on statistics and more on what matters, doing something that I’ happy with.

So there’s my master plan for getting some mojo back into my blog. Have you got any tips?