St Tropez Bronzing Mousse

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse
St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse (*) – £20.43

As the Official Tanning Sponsors of London Fashion Week, it was only right that I share with you this product.The Classic tan from St. Tropez is a cult favorite and a product of choice for the likes of Kate Moss. Well if it’s good enough for a supermodel, who am I to argue?!

The tan itself is an exceptionally lightweight brown colored foam which has none of the usual tell-tale self tan smell. In fact, it smells like a normal skin care product! The foam makes it perfect to control and apply, although you do have to be careful you don’t apply to much. It didn’t take long after applying for the mousse to dry, meaning their was none of
that awkward standing around in your bathroom avoiding touching
anything. Instantly you can see a difference, and your skin has an airbrushed quality. One thing I hate about fake tan is how unnatural it can look, especially on fair skin like mine, and even more so in winter. In England, you just stick out like a sore thumb, and for the the wrong reasons. Every St. Tropez tan I’ve used has produced the most natural results, meaning I have to confidence to use it any time of the year. I would say this tan is a nice medium tan, as it gives you noticeable bronzed skin without being too dark. Saying that, you could always add another layer if you fancy going a shade darker. If you keep your skin moisturised your tan should last around 2-3 days before needing another layer As always I’d recommend using a mitt to avoid any hand disasters, unless you fancy wearing gloves all day.

Do you still tan during the colder months?