Lush Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb

Granny Takes A Dip Lush Bath Bomb
Granny Takes A Dip Lush Bath Bomb
Bath Bomb – £3.25

There’s nothing better than coming home from a bad day at work and having some me time, and nothing screams me time quite as much as indulging in some Lush products. I think the thing that immediately attracted me to this bath bomb was it’s sheer size; its huge! A close second though was definitely the combination of bright cheerful colors. Even before popping it into a lovely warm bath, you can’t help but feel a little chirpier. 

Combining lemon oil for it’s uplifting properties, black pepper oil for warmth and clarity and ginger oil to refresh you, it’s the perfect choice for when you’ve had a rough day. As soon as you place it in the water, your bath is transformed into a psychedelic tie-dye master piece. The bomb is a slow fizzer so you really get chance to enjoy the colours, especially as a pastel rainbow of bubbles eventually erupts. The scent is a subtle citrus fragrance but works miracles on your mood. After my bath my skin was super soft and the scent lingered for a couple of hours. One slight issue I have with Lush is that some products tend to leave residue on my bath, and need a whole hives worth of bee’s wax just to shift it. You’ll be pleased to know this bomb vanished down the plug hole without a trace. If your looking to cheer someone up who’s had a hard time lately or need a boost yourself this would make an ideal treat. 

What are you favorite products to use when you’re feeling down?