Lush Tea Tree Toner Water

Toner – £7.50 

I think one of the first things people learn about skincare is that tea tree helps calm blemish prone skin. Whilst my blemishes aren’t particular terrible, I like to keep them at bay. Although often a step that’s missed out of a routine, I’ve found that using a toner after cleansing really helps to maintain my skin. This one from Lush has been my favorite all summer long.

Available in two sizes, this toner is a light spray promising to keep your skin both clear and refreshed. Containing Tea Tree to keep away any spot-causing bacteria, Juniperberry to act as an antiseptic and Grapefruit to refresh your skin, it’s great for anyone who’s prone to the odd blemish. After all prevention is usually better than treatment! Ideal for removing traces of stubborn makeup or a cream cleanser. Similarly it’s perfect for spritzing on your skin when your feeling a bit hot and bothered or after the gym, and is even better if you keep it in your fridge to keep cool. Although it’s made with oily and spot prone skin in mind, I found it really soothed my dry combination skin and really helped combat tightness and dehydration. The spray top is so convenient, allowing you to either spray the water onto a cotton pad and use it in specific areas or spray it directly onto your face as a mist. For me, spraying it as a mist is the most refreshing way to use this product, especially in the morning as it really helps me wake up. As for my skin, well apart from no major breakouts, I’ve notice a huge difference in my pores and the amount of shine I get. If I do happen to get a spot, it will go relatively fast and is usually pretty minor. I’ve been using this toner now all Summer and am, thankfully, nowhere near finished using it. £7.50 well spent.

What toner do you recommend?