Sunday, 31 August 2014


Remember when you had cassettes as a kid and you used to make mix tapes. If you wanted to get rid of something all you had to do was re-wind it and start again. I'd kinda like to do that with this Summer. I'm not sure where Summer has actually gone, but I know for a fact that I definitely haven't made the most of it. I can't think of a single week that I've not been ill since June and that's now taken its toll on me. It's been one thing after the other and whilst I've been reading everyone's tweets about all their amazing adventures, I've been sat in one of four places: (1) my bed, (2) the office, (3) the Drs, or (4) the hospital. None of which you'd want to remember a summer by. As with every life problem, this weekend I had this rant to my mum in a bid to let of some steam and hope she had some of her weird but wonderful words of wisdom to share with me. And, as always, she did. Why do you have to only have adventures in Summer? Each month you can have the same amount of opportunities if you let yourself be open to them. If you limit yourself to three months of exciting experiences, your going to miss out on a hell of a lot. I am determined to work on my work/life balance. I need to make sure I remember to do things I want to do, as well as the things I have to do. I refuse to be in a slump anymore. 

Lesson Learned: Grab every single opportunity and stop taking things for granted.



  1. I know the feeling! There's something about summer that makes you think you have to go off on some big summer adventure, that you have to do something new, exciting, daring and different. I actually blame the educational years. Think about it, summer was the only free time we really had and we had to do something amazing so we would have all kinds of stories to tell come September. I blame films too, all the coming of age, whirlwind romances, they generally happen during those summer months.

    It's not until you come out of that educational cycle that you realize every season, every month, every week, you can have these big adventures, you just have t grab them whilst you can!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. I agree with your mum, every day is an adventure, every day is a fresh start, and you can have new hopes and dreams each day.


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