Anxiety August: Keep It Bright

I stumbled across Keep It Bright when a good blogger friend of mine, Amy, tweeted about her love. This happened to be the most perfect time ever for me, and it was most certainly love at first click.

Keep It Bright is the brain child of Zara and it’s aim is to encourage people to live a more positive lifestyle. Having previously faced her demons, Zara now helps others conquer there’s. Apart from running campaigns, a blog, a youtube channel and many other outlets, there’s also a Keep It Bright Shop. I’m so proud of myself for finally getting myself in a good place, but I know that it’s still very early days and I’m going to have to work hard to maintain this new outlook. I’m part of the tumbler/pinterest/whatevers next generation where positive quotes are re-tweeted around the world every second, and it helps to have little reminders throughout the day to keep me on track. 

One of the most subtlest ways is by having a phone case with positive lifestyle choices written on it. Whenever I’m getting a little stressed, be it at work or just out and about, I can just slip my phone out and go over the mantras in my head. Sometimes all you need is something to re-affirm what you already know and believe in. Another thing that helps me when I’m stressed is my pink bracelet. My Grandad always used to tell me “where there’s a will there’s a way” and I actually blame him for why I’m so stubborn. Aside from the personal reasons, I think all of us need to remember that their are many ways to achieve a goal, and just because you’ve failed one way, doesn’t mean you will never reach the finish line. I also had to pick up this print. Living in the past is something I have struggled with and I am definitely someone who worries about could be’s. Seeing this first thing in a morning in my room, and before I go to bed helps remind me to live in the moment and enjoy every opportunity that comes my way. Lastly, I added the amazing Keep It Bright manual to my shopping basket. Filled with inspiring quotes, positive messages and activities that make you re-think your outlook, it’s ideal when you need a bit of motivation.

I couldn’t recommend Keep It Bright more. The prices are great and the shipping is super quick! If you fancy taking a look, click here