Anxiety August: Blogging

Firstly, I do apologise that there were no posts last week. I was pretty ill and actually ended up in A&E on a drip. Hopefully I’m now on the mend and there will be no disruptions to the normal blogging schedule. In an effort to play catch up and publish all the Anxiety August posts I’d planned, there’s going to be 5 blog posts this week rather than the usual 3. Lucky you!

Today’s Anxiety August post is to do with the impact of blogging on someone’s anxiety. Recently a lot of bloggers have admitted to suffering from anxiety in one form or another. Despite a large amount of us being prone to anxiety, we still voluntarily take part in blogging, which could potentially be adding fuel to the flame. 

I think the main thing that causes blogger anxiety is comparison. Even before you start blogging you have an idea of where you want to take your blog and when you want to achieve certain milestones. Of course this is all based on other bloggers experiences. It goes without saying that what works for one blogger, doesn’t necessarily work for another and so inevitably brings disappointment as you fail to reach your target in the desired space of time. I myself have fallen victim to feeling pressurised to posting regularly despite being ill. But it’s not just statistics that we compare. 

From what people do with their spare time, where they go on holiday, what they buy and how they look, you can’t help but compare your life with that of the bloggers you follow. Sometimes we forget when reading about someone’s latest adventures or splurges, that they choose what they post on their blog and 9 times out of 10, this will the good rather than bad bits. You only get to see small snippets of a bloggers life via their blog, and although social media can give you more insight, its still missing all the heartbreaks and disappointments they face. Even if a blogger decides to post about a negative aspect of their life, it still wont help you build a full picture of their life. 

So how do you avoid falling into the comparison trap? If you find a concrete answer let me know. I think it’s natural for their to be an element of comparison, especially when someone is of similar age to you and has the same interests, but one thing you always need to remember is that everyone is different and lives different lives. The choices people make will mean that their lives will vary from yours, but that doesn’t mean your life isn’t as good. When a certain lifestyle becomes idealised, it makes you feel like anything else isn’t good enough. Unless you really know the blogger you will never know the highs and lows they face day in and out. Maybe if you knew the negative aspects, you wouldn’t feel so dissatisfied with your own blog or lifestyle. Blog posts are often read with rose-tinted glasses. Remember to read with caution.

How do you avoid falling into the comparison trap?