Rogues Oneil Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts

Bath Salts – £37

I’m always a bit wary of hype products that are supposed to transform your life, especially areas that are so subjective such as sleep. However, I’ve got to hand it to these little pink bath salts. They are miracle workers.

If you suffer from an over-active mind, prone to jet lag or just find getting to sleep exhausting, you should consider investing. Now. Containing 84 minerals, these Himalayan pink salts are dusted in Amethyst powder and essential oils to help re-balance your body and release toxins. It’s worth noting that they aren’t suitable during pregnancy and can only be used a maximum of three times a week. Simply place a small handful into your bath, soak in the water for 10-20 and regain your composure. Don’t expect any fizzing or bubbles, if you turn your back, your bath salts will have dissolved. Although there’s no noticeable difference to the bath, after 10 minutes, my thoughts calmed down and I was able to relax. An hour later and I felt like my mind had almost been muted. No more counting sheep, or bags, I had the best nights sleep in a long time after just one use. Although, I do think these salts are expensive, the difference this has made for me is beyond worth it. If you struggle to sleep, you’ll know how exhaustion can affect your life.  A 100g bag can last 6-10 baths, so for £37 you could get around 40 baths! Not so bad for value is it?!