Lokai Bracelet

Lokai Bracelet

Lokai Bracelet
Lokai Bracelet – $18 (+ Shipping)

I am a huge fan of items which have deeper meanings. I love Symbology and have everything ranging from evil eyes to Chinese pendants. One item which has caught my eye over and over is the lokai bracelet. With many celebrities sporting one, and often being featured on the Instagram popular page, my parents sneakily ordered one for me for my birthday, but it arrived late due to being shipped from America.

Whilst this may look like your normal beaded bracelet, there’s more to lokai than meets the eye. The black ball contains mud dug from the Dead Sea (the lowest point on Earth) and the white ball contains water from Mt. Everest (the highest point on Earth). Logically, these are opposite ends of the bracelet, because they represent the two extremes in life, those times when your on top of the world, and those times when you think nothing worse could ever happen. These two elements are connected by clear beads fused together (rather than on a string) to show that life is circular, there will be good times, and bad times. Just like the way you wear your bracelet, the pictures you take with it, or the places it travels with you two, your life is your story, and it’s your own. I mentioned pictures, because lokai encourage you to snap pictures of you and your bracelet enjoying life to the fullest, and share them to inspire others to live a more balanced and centered life. Just have a look here or search #livelokai into twitter or instagram! I honestly love the philosophy behind this bracelet. It’s a good reminder that when things aren’t going your way, they will soon change, and if your on a high, to stay humble because you could easily be in the opposite situation tomorrow. 

If you want to order one, they are available here and ship internationally. A small word of caution before placing an order. The bracelets come in three sizes. I have very small hands and wrists (the size of a 12 year old) and the medium just about fits. Unless you want a close fit, I’d advise to go up to the large.