Thursday, 31 July 2014


Some people say that its not about how you get there as long as you get there, but I disagree. For me, in the words of Miley Cyrus (yes. you did read that right), it the climb. On Tuesday I found out that I completed my LPC with a Commendation, and was just 1 mark off a Distinction. I now have two years of a training contract to complete, and then I'll be a fully qualified solicitor. Qualified by the time 25. When I was in Year 9, and we were all discussing what we wanted to be when we grew up, some boy said I wasn't smart enough to be a lawyer. Since then I've overcome so many hurdles I could be in the 10.50 at Aintree. But, it's these hurdles that made Tuesday mean something special. I'm finally coming over the other side of the hill and everything has suddenly become worthwhile.

Apart from that lovely new, it's also been my birthday this month, making me the grand old age of 22. Despite all these happy moments I've actually spent a large part of the month being ill again. So much so that I'm now having tests done at hospital. I genuinely think my Dr. might have a deal going with the local vampires, the amount of blood tests I've had to have. Hopefully I'll soon know why I've been feeling so ill. My little dog Oliver has also been ill. He had an ulcer covering his entire eye removed. It was heartbreaking to see him whimpering in pain every couple of minutes after the operation, but now he's back to his bouncy self and the vet says there's no sign of it anymore. What a brave little solider he is, especially as he's 12!

Things I've learnt this month:
  1. Radio can be funnier than the TV. My mum made me listen to some radio plays lately, and I was crying with laughter. I recommend It's A Fair Cop.
  2. Even the darkest clouds have silver linings. I am obsessed with Keep It Bright and love how the story behind why it was started.
  3. Everyone has bad days. Just because one day is bad, doesn't mean your not good enough. England Hockey teams performance at the Commonwealth Games compared to the Hockey World Cup is testament to that. 
  4. Boredom leads to shopping. If your constantly busy, you don't have time to buy that extra lipstick.

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  1. Congratulations on completing your LPC. It's a great feeling to accomplish things when people have told you, you won't. :)
    & I'm really feeling number 4 on your list right now. x


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