Usual disclaimer, I’m not showing off with what I was fortunate to get. I would be over the moon with a card, so receiving such lovely presents is amazing and I’m extremely grateful. These posts are always popular, and highly requested, and as I try to blog what I also like to read, my birthday haul was always going to feature on my blog.

Apart from America getting it’s independence, another thing that happened on the 4th July last Friday was my 22nd Birthday. Rather than spending the whole day singing about it a la Taylor Swift, I was busy issuing proceedings for PI claims, applying for grant of probate and doing a spot of conveyancing. Work were absolutely lovely and I actually had a great day.

As you can see from the photos, I was rather spoilt by my friends and family. My mum and dad very kindly gave me some money towards my car, and clearly people do read my blog as I got everything off my wishlist, plus more. My Mum thought the Hello Kitty would be a joke, seeing as I love dressing up, was obsessed with Hello Kitty when I was younger and generally love cute things like that. Little did she know, I was possibly the most excited about using that present ;). From my brows, lack of immune system, box sets and bling, my family and friends have truly outdone themselves.

I’d just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday last week. It helped make it a great birthday 🙂