Shiny New Things

About a month ago I did a very expensive haul indeed. My parents have always told me that when I get my first pay cheque from a “proper” job, I should treat myself to something I’ve wanted for ages and that will keep so I can look back and remember my first steps in my legal career. Of course as soon as I was paid I headed onto the Selfridges website and gasped at all the beauties in stock. Like the magpie I am, I decided I wanted to splurge on some jewelry I had been lusting after. I’d wanted a Vivenne Westwood Orb Pendant since I started my blog. Ironically, two years later, I finally got my paws on one. I’ve also been dying to get some Kate Spade pieces and picked up this bracelet and and the matching earrings. I am in love with how feminine and delicate the bow details are, and the rose gold tone is so flattering. 

Keeping it short but sweet, let me know what you bought or plan to buy with your first pay cheque.


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