L’Oréal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara Black

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Mascara – £8.99

Mascara is one product that I can’t live without. It can really open up someone’s eyes, and give them more confidence. For me, it makes me feel more put together. If I’m just having a day at home relaxing, I don’t put any mascara on, but when I want to get things done, the mascara comes out and magically my mindset is transformed. I’m very lucky in that my natural lashes are long, thick and dark, but finding a mascara that ticks every box can be tricky. There’s only a couple things I look for when buying a mascara, I hate any clumpiness and it must be long-wearing and not flaky. Seems simple but it’s surprisingly hard. Although I’ve previously tried high end mascaras, I’ve recently gone back to the high street, and have come across a gem.

Immediately drawn to the pink and black packaging (nothing screams “buy me” to me more than pink), I picked it up on a bit of a whim, not expecting very much, but was soon pleasantly surprised. The brush looks pretty similar to my old favorite from MAC that got discontinued. Apparently this L’Oreal’s first flexible brush, and it really grabs your lashes, separating them whilst adding volume and giving them a nice curl. After one coat my lashes looked fuller and my eyes looked bigger which is never going to be a bad thing. Whilst this mascara specifically targets volume, it adds length too, making it a great all-rounder. The cone-shape of the brush is great for getting right to the lash line, hard-to-reach corners and your bottom lashes. You won’t get any spider-leg lashes as this mascara has no clumps. One coat happily last me a full day at work with no touch-ups too! The only negative I can find is that it does dry out fairly quickly in around 2 months which of course causes it to flake somewhat after 3/4 hours. However, seeing as your supposed to change you mascara every 2/3 months this isn’t anything major, and having loved it so much I’ve happily repurchased. It just goes to show that you don’t have to spend £25 on a high end mascara to get one to tick all the boxes.

Have you got any mascara recommendations?

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