Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum

Fragrance (*) – £43

A while ago I was exceptionally lucky and won a Nuxe Gift Set from the lovely Katie. As a complete fragrance addict, it was amazing to get my hands on the new scent from Nuxe, especially as it’s perfect for summer. If like me your dreaming of escaping abroad, a bottle of this may be the quick fix!

Inspired by their cult Huile Prodigieuse, the packaging is reminiscent of the product. With a beautiful amber ombre bottle and gold top, it reminds me of tans and summer sunsets. Instantly you think of a warmer climate and a chance to getaway. Appropriately, the fragrance is a floral oriental and very warming. Not usually a fan of oriental perfumes, the floral notes lift it make it lighter than you would imagine. With top notes of Orange Blossom and Tangerine, the initial impact is quite exotic, which develops into a unique scent when the base notes of Magnolia, Rose and Gardenia are fully appreciated.  Like all my favorite perfumes this too contains a heart note of vanilla, my signature scent. More long-lasting than the majority of fragrances I’ve tried recently, it’s rare that something still has a strong impact on you hours later. Somehow Nuxe have bottled the scent of summer holidays, with coconut milk, beaches and relaxing. How they have done it really doesn’t matter, the fact is that they’ve somehow managed to chase away my blues at not going away this year. SAD be gone!

What products remind you of summer?