No. 7 Peony Petals Blush Palette

Blush Palette – £12

I’ve never really been that bothered by No. 7. I’ve been shopping at Boots as long as I can remember, but for some reason it’s only been this year that I’ve had a play with their higher end brand. In an attempt to find some more spring-appropriate powder blushs, I recently picked up this palette from my local store.

The packaging really appealed to me. It feels like a high-end brand, shiny and sleek, but is also durable, and not overly bulky. Let’s not kid ourselves though, it’s really the product design that caught my attention initially. Although a beautiful floral design, it’s not so intricate that I feel like it would be a crime to use it. At least I can be reassured that this won’t end up unused gathering dust. The palette contains two highlighters and a beautiful pink blush. The highlighters have a stunning sheen to them, and although there is glitter, it won’t make you look like a glitter ball. With a golden and a peachy pink shade, there is something that would suit any glowing spring look. The blush is matte pop of pink, ideal to give a delicate flush. Suited more towards the fairer skin tones, it makes healthy spring skin look easy, and really wakes up dull complexions. Of course you don’t have the use highlighters and blush separately, you can just swirl your bush around all three and get a beautiful luminous pink shade. The staying power of all three are around the 6 hour mark, making it the perfect every-day blush this season. This has very quickly become my go-to blush and has definitely made me want to try more from No. 7.

Have you tried this palette? What’s your favorite spring blush? Any No. 7 recommendations for me to try?