Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion

Foot Lotion – £9.25

One of my biggest summer stresses are my feet. After being hidden away all snug through autumn and winter, they finally get their moment in the spotlight come spring and summer. Sadily, I tend to neglect them quite a bit during the colder months, and are left in need of some TLC before I can wear some summer sandals.

I discovered Lush’s Fair Trade Foot Lotion way back in 2010 in Florida of all places. After stomping round the theme parks all day in the baking July heat, my feet were really aching, and I was searching the mall for something to help comfort them. Thankfully, the Lush assistant was as helpful there as they are here, and immediately directed me to this tub. 4 years on and I’ve re-purchased it ever since. The refreshing pink lotion has a subtle creamy peppermint fragrance, and the colour alone is enough to make me use it. Not only does the cream contain coca butter to moisturise your feet, but tagetes oil comforts them after a hard days work whilst the peppermint oil cools them down and prepares them for another day. Easily absorbed, a tub lasts so long, and nothing has ever compared to it. It’s perfect for hot summer days, but a firm favorite of mine all-year round, particularly after the gym or a night out in the highest of heels. One word of caution, make sure you pop a pair of oldish socks on after applying the cream, otherwise you may end up with pink stains (that come out in the wash) on your carpet or sheets.

I’ve not heard much talk about this cream, but it’s definitely one of Lush’s unsung heroes. Have you tried it?