St. Tropez Luxe Dry Oil

Luxe Dry Oil (*) – £25

As a St. Tropez Beauty Panelist, I am lucky enough to get to try the latest tanning products. Said to be their most luxurious tan yet, the Luxe Dry Oil combines intense hydration and a luminous glow. Inspired by Brazil, this definitely lived up to all of the tan’s claims.

Always swayed by packaging, this product is definitely appeals to me. The gold top and the frosted glass bottle feel extremely glamorous and decadent, which will never be a bad thing. Another thing that makes this product feel more luxurious and actually shocked me was the scent. I really like it. The oil is fragranced with essential oils and this has definitely made this tan the best smelling tan I have ever smelt. I think this even smells better than some body products I’ve used, quite fruity. Biscuit smell be-gone.

There’s a small plug in the top which you have to remove whilst using and replace after you’ve finished, similar to some oil cleansers I’ve tried. I applied the dry oil using a mitt, and did find getting a good amount of product out a little tricky, but this isn’t always a bad thing, you won’t have any accidental spillages. The best way I found was slow and quite forceful shaking up and down. You do need to be quite careful though as it is an oil, and can run off your mitt. Saying all this, once I’d got familiar with it, it was so easy to use.

The dry oil itself rubs in effortlessly and is exactly like a normal body oil. It’s streak-free, non-greasy and St. Tropez recommends waiting until it’s touch dry, which was around 3 minutes for me.  Not long at all! One thing that has really stood out for me is how moisturizing it is. A lot of tans, particular cheaper ones, leave your skin dry and cling to any areas that are dehydrated. If your an experienced self-tanner you will know that moisturizing is a key step in both prep and tan aftercare in order to prolong your efforts. Not only did the dry oil not cling to any area of my dry skin, but it also felt silky smooth and soft. My legs has the most amazing sheen and really did have a glow.

Using 100% natural Tanning agent the tan is suitable for any skin tone and you don’t need a lot of product for one application. I would recommend doing a couple of coats over a period of time because it’s quiet deceiving. I didn’t think it gave me much of a glow when I was applying it, but after 4 hours, I was pleasantly surprised at how sun kissed I’d become. It’s not advertised as a gradual or slow-developing tan, but it definitely deepened for me. The picture above shows an intentional comparison for an idea on what one coat looks like.. I’m relatively fair (NW13) and I found this to be the perfect match for a natural golden look. If you are aftr something a bit deeper, maybe pair the dry oil with the Gradual Tan Mousse or give yourself enough time to do a couple of layers of the dry oil. 

As for the long lasting claim, it will depend on your after-care. I’m so-so when it comes to moisturizing and my tan has lasted me 5-6 days. For one coat and sporadic moisturizing that’s amazing. Ironically the reason I didn’t moisturize as much is because of how moisturizing the tan is! I’m sure if you did stick to a daily moisturizing regime your tan would easily last over a week, ideal for holidays and mini breaks! 

I think the conclusion on this product is pretty much self-explanatory. I absolutely loved it. If you want a golden goddess look (and who doesn’t) that will last your holiday, but without any tell tale signs that you’ve been using fake-tan, this is the one to go for. What’s different from other tans is that this genuinely gives you a glow opposed to just a bit of tan. I’ve never used a tanning dry oil, but the sheen this gave me really made my skin look silky smooth and flawless. Whilst a little pricey, you use so little oil per application, and one application lasts so long, its great value for money.  

Have you used a tanning dry oil before?