No More Nail Smudges

Nail Shields – £1.99


I own far too many nail varnishes but shockingly hardly ever have my nails painted. The reason Because every time I paint them, without fail, I smudge one. It’s possibly the most frustrating thing in the world, and I envy anyone who can do it effortlessly. Whilst waiting many an hour on Youtube, I came across Bunny from Grav3yardgirl talk about Nails On The Go, and was amazed that they actually worked! However, my bubble was soon burst when I discovered this is a USA-only product. Never one to give up, I started to search Amazon with random key words, hoping to try find a version. And what do you know, my nail prayers were answered.

For £1.99 (I love free P&P), you get 10 nail clips. Possibly the cheapest holy grail in history. The packaging is extremely misleading. It doesn’t contain hair products, so no need to panic over a wrong order. Like I did. Forget about the packaging. It’s what’s on the inside that matters. If you haven’t fathomed what these contraptions are yet, they are your new best friend. You simply paint your nails as normal and clip them onto you finger, with the shield protecting you nail. You can now use your hands while your painting your nails. When you want to apply another coat, simply flip the shield up (with it still attached to your finger) and paint away. Just think of the extra time you have now you can use your hands. I will admit I did feel like I was 6 again and dressing up as a witch with those plastic Halloween fingers, but if they work, and they definitely do, who cares?! They didn’t pinch and weren’t uncomfortable, and made waiting for my nails to dry possible. Something I never thought I’d say. They’re basically bubbles for your nails. 

Now that I’ve let you all into my new secret weapon, are you going to invest?
Let me know how you speed up nail drying time, that’s my next mission.