Wednesday, 30 April 2014


I think I say this every month, but this month has really been a bit crazy. I've tried to stay on top of my schedule as much as possible, but I will admit it has been hard going. From now on though I should be good and have got a routine down, so normal blogging will resume I promise. Thanks for sticking with me.

The reason for the craziness is something I still can't believe. If you can remember, I mentioned in my March post that I had been going to a lot of interviews, and even had one on St. Patrick's Day. I joked to my parents that it would be funny if I got that job, seeing as my surname is Riley. Clearly the luck of the Irish was with me because on April 8th, I was offered a training contract to become a solicitor. Unless you know someone or have experienced law yourself, you wont realize how difficult getting a training contract is. There like gold dust. Not only have I got a training contract, but I was asked to start working for the firm two days later on the 10th! I'm part-time until the end of June, and then its full steam ahead. I've definitely landed on my feet. Everyone at the firm is so lovely, and even though I'm only there two days a week, I already feel at home. 

As you can guess, I was not expecting to start working, and the job offer completely took me by surprise, making me drop everything, and prioritise that. So although I planned to spend one of my two weeks of Easter break blogging, that quickly changed, and my schedule has been thrown into chaos. I'm finally on top of it now, so as I said at the start, normal blogging will now resume. I would just like to thank everyone for all there lovely tweets. I've received some amazingly sweet messages from followers congratulating me and checking up on how I'm doing. It's really touching to think other people are as happy for me, as my family are. The blogging community is incredibly supportive, and is something that I hope to be apart of for a lot longer. 

Miss World speech over, here's some of the things I've been loving this month:
  1. I never thought I'd say it, but I have a thing for white chunky heels. I used to look the other way when I saw them and never thought they would fit into my style, then came along Lily Melrose, and I fell in love with the Office Destroyers
  2. Every year I turn my nose up at Big Brother, wondering why people want to watch other people sleep. Every Friday night I now find myself sat watching other people watching television on Gogglebox. What a strange creature I am.
  3. New Look. New Look has always been my favorite high street store, but in the last month I have been addicted to their releases. I was supposed to stop shopping. And then I saw some things in New Look and well, it all just went to pot. 
  4. Always one to sing other bloggers praises, I've discovered a new-to-me fashion blog that I think you should all check out. Charlotte Fisher has enviable OOTD photography and such an amazing sense of style. Definitely click worthy.
  5. My skin has been really suffering lately and eering on the side of oily for the first time in a good 6 years. One brand that I have been depending on is Face B4, and it has worked like a charm. The after-cleansing serum smells a bit funky, but combined with the foam cleanser, it's a dream team for clearer skin. 

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