Friday, 25 April 2014

101 in 1001

I've always wanted to make a bucket list, but making a list for the rest of your life is a bit of a strange concept for me. I mean, things change so fast, how do you know what position you will be in? The idea of 101 in 1001 is kind of similar to a bucket list, but is limited to 1001 days. A lot easier to achieve. 

Start date: 25th April 2014
End date: 20th January 2017
  1. Reach 500 followers  28/02/2015
  2. Try herbal tea for two weeks.
  3. Complete my LPC       29/07/2014 - Graduated with Commendation.                    
  4. Reach 1000 followers
  5. Only drink water for two weeks
  6. Learn to walk in high heels. And be comfortable doing so.
  7. Go to a festival                         
  8. Start doing Youtube
  9. Go to the zoo
  10. Move out                          
  11. Learn how to edit photos December-January 2015
  12. Visit Edinburgh 
  13. Try Yoga
  14. Watch 15 classic films                 
  15. Learn how to edit videos  
  16. Get a car 30/12/2014
  17. Have a weekend in the Lake District
  18. Make millionaires shortbread
  19. Research my family history             
  20. Learn basic HTML
  21. Sort through old pictures and put them into albums 04/02/2015
  22. Have a weekend in London
  23. Make my own Lasagna
  24. Learn basic SEO  December 2014
  25. Ride a Segway
  26. Go to 10 blogger events
    (1) #nwbrev
    (2) #tweet4atable
  27. Go to a spa
  28. Stop biting my nails
  29. Read 25 books
    (1) The Lincoln Lawyer
    (2) The Captain's Daughter
    (3) Star Island
    (4) Starter for Ten
    (5) Rebels: City of Indra
    (6) From Notting Hill With Love ... Actually
    (7) Get Rich Blogging
  30. Watch every Olympic Sport at Rio 2016 on television
  31. Learn how to ride a bike
  32. Do a blogger swap
  33. Raise £100 for charity
  34. Have a film marathon
  35. Buy a Vivienne Westwood Orb Necklace 28/04/2014 - on my first pay day
  36. Go to Brighton
  37. Go to the Races
  38. Learn to sew
  39. De-clutter my room.
  40. Run 5K
  41. Go a week without drinking Coca Cola
  42. Go fruit picking
  43. Learn how to do winged eyeliner
  44. Have Afternoon Tea
  45. Go to 4 Museums
  46. Consistently post outfit posts
  47. Dress up in fancy dress
  48. Learn how to change a light bulb and a fuse
  49. Decorate my room
  50. Perfect applying false eyelashes
  51. Connect and maintain friendships with 5 other bloggers
  52. Have a technology free weekend.
  53. Start playing hockey again.
  54. Go abroad
  55. Learn to paint my nails without smudging them
  56. Buy a Chanel 2.55 bag
  57. Go out on New Years Eve
  58. Learn to knit
  59. Bake a cheesecake
  60. Go to a Fashion Week/ Fashion Weekend
  61. Run 10K
  62. Learn a magic trick
  63. Develop a credit rating
  64. Hold 2 giveaways on the blog
    (1) 2 year Blogiversary
  65. Go to an Aquarium 
  66. Go for a picnic
  67. Go to a Bonfire & Fireworks display
  68. Spend nothing for a month
  69. Go to 2 Christmas Markets
  70. Watch every episode of One Tree Hill
  71. Go to the Maxifuel Super 6's event
  72. Go vintage shopping
  73. Bake a red velvet cake
  74. Save £1000
  75. Try Pilates 
  76. Understand the rules of Rugby, Cricket & Football
  77. Treat my mum and dad to something nice, just to say thank you.
  78. Re-read all of the Harry Potter books
  79. Have a BBQ
  80. Stop biting my nails
  81. Write 20 draft posts for emergencies
  82. Donate some food to a food bank
  83. Make a gingerbread house from scratch
  84. Complete the 365 Photo Challenge
  85. Go to the theatre 5 times
    (1) Shrek The Musical
  86. Write 3 guest posts
  87. Get tickets to the European Hockey Championships in London 2015 Bought tickets on 26/08/2014
  88. Make bread
  89. Try a juice cleanse
  90. Have a board game competition.
  91. Reach my goal weight
  92. Sit in the audience of a recording television show
  93. See a live comedy show
  94. Watch a different sport every day on Television from the Commonwealth Games
  95. Try 5 new restaurants
    (1) Nandos - 01/05/2014
    (2) Carluccios - 02/12/2014
  96. Give up shopping for lent. And do it.
  97. Complete 4 craft projects.
  98. Try a spin class
  99. Buy a Mac Book
  100. Go to the cinema 10 times
    (1) Gone Girl
  101. Have a 4th July party (for my birthday)
If you've done this challenge let me know. I'd love to see what you are trying to do.


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