Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Lush Bunch of Carrots

A Bunch of Carrots - £5.95

How hilarious does that post title sound. A lush bunch of carrots! Even my mum gave me a funny look when I told her I'd be 5 minutes because I have to photograph a bunch of carrots. Anyway, last week I did a very naughty, very big Lush shop and got a whole handful of goodies from their Easter and Mother's Day collection. Out of everything, this product really stood out due to its fun form, so I thought I'd review it for you all.

A Bunch of Carrots consists of 3 carrot shaped reusable bubble bars, tied together with green string (as their leaves). To use simply choose a carrot, untie it from the bunch and either hold by the string under warm running water or swish it around in the water til your hearts content. I love that the scent is relatively subtle for Lush standards, yet is strong enough to let you enjoy it. Rather than the usual sweet scents, this is one that everyone can appreciate.With notes of blackcurrant, buchu and, lemon and grapefruit oils, this has a lovely tropical scent which will banish your winter blues and get you in the mood for the S/S season.  Each bar lasts around 2 baths, working out at just under £1 per bath which I think is great value!

I am absolutely loving Lush's two new collections. I think they've become more adventurous now with designs and scents and it's paying off. I would have liked to seen some shower gel or even perhaps incorporate the new season into other products such as their hair care (pastal dyes anyone?). That being said, they have definitely not disappointed.

Have you picked up or got your eye on anything?



  1. I adore Lush products! These I have never seen but they sound and look amazing! Love the scent you described so perfect for everyone!


  2. Haha yeah, those carrots are super lush! I haven't been to Lush recently, but I can't wait to go in soon and smell everything from their Easter and Mother's day collections! :)

    Olivia Beauty from the Fjord xxx


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