Tanya Burr for Eye Candy

(Left to right) – Midnight Sparkles, Peaches & Cream
(Top to bottom) – Let’s Travel The World, Just Peachy, Vampire Kiss

Despite ordering from Feel Unique on the day of the release, I’ve not had my hands on a couple of the items from the extremely-hyped collection from Tanya Burr for Eye Candy. After a little bit of investigation, it seems that the nail varnish supplier had difficulty supplying the demand. Anyway, now that I’ve got my paws on some of the line, its a pretty solid first collection.

Firstly, I just want to address the horrendous packaging. I hate cardboard packaging for make-up and think it would have been better just to leave the bottles do the talking. It completely lowers my expectations of the products from the get go and if the range wasn’t so hyped I probably wouldn’t pick anything up. There’s also a slightly discrepancy with the pink hearts on the top of the lids. All but my version of Midnight Sparkles has them, but again that may be due to the supplier issues. Hey, you never know that might make mine extremely collectible?

Nails first, I picked up a light and a dark shade just to test variation and consistency of the formula. The polish is extremely creamy and easy to apply. The shade range is equally impressive for a debut range and I think all of them are really lovely shades. I do find Peaches & Cream to be less of a peach shade and be more of a dusky pink, peach hybrid. I was also somewhat disappointed by Midnight Sparkles. Appearing black in the bottle, the polish is actually a shimmering purple at certain angles, with no glitter as the name would suggest (although pink glitter can be seen in the bottle). Both shades applied smoothly and the swatches above are with two coats. Midnight Sparkles lasted 4 days chip free and I’m assuming the majority of the polishes will be of similar wear. 

Now for the lip gloss. I’m not a lip gloss wearer and usually opt for a lacquer, stain or just an old fashioned lipstick rather than a gloss. However, I do really like these offerings and have been reaching for them since they arrived. Although it looks like a vibrant red in the bottle, Lets Travel The World is more of a coral whist Vampire Kiss is a deep red shade. I’m not normally one for light lips as I don’t think they suit my fair skin tone and dark features, but I really like Just Peachy. A baby pink, peach shade, its great for layering over nude lipstick or on its own. I definitely agree with the claims that the glosses are super moisturising, and not too sticky, making them some of the best ones I’ve tried. The wear time is the same as most lipglosses in that it needs topping up every couple of hours or after eating/drinking.

Overall I’m pretty impressed by this collection. I do think that the range is maybe aimed towards a younger market but for the price of the products, they are amazing value for money. Next time I’m on Feel Unique I’m definitely going to pick up another couple of lip glosses to expand my collection. The range is available from Feel Unique, and I believe will be stocked in Superdrug stores too.

Have you got any shade recommendations for me to try?