Spring Shopping

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I said I was going to stop shopping and I failed. Pretty miserably in fact. I honestly cannot help it, the high street seems to have got so amazing lately, it would be a fashion crime not to pick up a few pieces. The way my logic works is that if I don’t get these bits now, I’ll just regret it in summer when their sold out and theirs no other alternatives. Really I’m just saving myself from heartbreak. Anyone buying that? Yep, just me then.

Anyway I thought I’d brighten up your Wednesday by sharing three fashion pieces I’ve picked up and entice a couple more of you to search your sofa for a few extra pennies so I’m not the only one failing at this whole spending less thing. 

Shoes. Shoes are essential right? Flat shoes are sensible, and sensible shoes are something you always need meaning that this purchase from Topshop wasn’t actually that bad. I’m trying. A for excuse effort at least. These are the Margate Double Buckle Geek Shoes and I am in love. They take me back to primary school when I was rocking the Alexa Chung indie vibe well before it became cool. Did anyone else wear boater hats? Maybe that’s why I’m such a hat person now. Anyway apart from making me very rambley and nostalgic, they go with everything from jeans to pretty dresses. A lot of people have complained that the single buckle version of these are really uncomfortable. Apart from rubbing the first time I wore them, they are so comfortable, but each to their own. I would say if your going to pick up a pair to really consider the size. Their quite generous, so if you a 1/2 size, go for the smaller size. 

I tend to go through phases with different stores. One season I will love their collection, then I will have no interest everything for the next couple of seasons. That happened with River Island. I’ve not really been into their stuff since I was around 19 but they’ve suddenly come back on my radar with their latest drop. I picked up this beige two-tone pleated midi skirt mainly for the fact that pleated skirts are my thing. I think I have around 6 different ones now so they are just part of my style. I think this skirt is perfect for spring, its nice and floaty, ideal for a wedding! I also spotted this light pink lace crop top and instantly needed it in my life. This dusky pink shade is my favorite colour and it has a bit of a vintage vibe to it which is right up my street. The added details like the scalloped hem just make it one piece I know I will be wearing constantly right through spring and summer, so its basically an investment. Fooling no-one.

So that’s what I picked up this week. Let this be a lesson to you all that ‘just browsing’ will never be just browsing.